It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

It actually is beautiful and sunny outside here in Astoria Oregon (Sorry, Midwest/East Coast for your Winter Woes)… but I also mean it’s been a beautiful day of exploring the blogosphere too.

Today’s assignment for Day 4 of the Zero to Hero Challenge States:

Today’s assignment: follow five new topics in the Reader, and begin finding blogs (and bloggers) you love.

  • Because reading and thinking about what other bloggers say will sharpen your thoughts and inspire new ones.
  • Because reaching out to other bloggers is the best way to have them return the favor

So I dug into my reader, I updated my “Tags” list, I browsed and I browsed. I started with the “Zero to Hero” tag, and then added more that were specific to me.


From there, I browsed many MANY blogs… some stood out enough that I followed, some just had bits and pieces that I enjoyed… like this wedding proposal…

But here are the blogs I added just today, because well, they caught my eye…

  1. Moving Non Sequitur – Her name’s Andrea, my name’s Andrea, she’s got a husband, I’ve got a husband… I see the makings of some good similarities here.
  2. Finding Forever  Homes: Tales of an Annex Cat Rescue Foster FamilyI love cats, I love every kind of cat, I just wanna hug them, but I can’t hug every cat.
  3. Rainbow Quilts – I’m just beginning to quilt… my hubby is better at it than I am, but I still love seeing them.
  4. *B*A*M! Crafts – More making stuff, but this time with yarn! I too enjoy knitting and crochet.
  5. Clicky Chick Creates – This is a mom, who takes pictures, and makes stuff… which is what I would do, if I was less lazy.

I added more than five, but these are the five that stood out to me as ones I would want to share with you. I hope you all enjoy them, and update your own tag list.

Until Next Time,