The Spark That Started A Fire

Under my ass, anyways.

Today’s assignment from the Zero to Hero Challenge for Day 3 is:

Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

  • Because it’s an idea you were so passionate about, it motivated you to begin this new project — there’s something to that.
  • Because the best way to become a better blogger is to blog.
  • Because you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment for following through on the idea, the blog, and the post.

Honestly, the thought that drove me to write was that I wanted to better myself and my life. I wrote the post I wanted to share most, which was my Promises, Promises post. However, there are some other thoughts dwelling in my mind when I started this up that I wanted to share.

Lately, I’m struggling with my son, Hayden. He’s 10, he loves his Xbox and he’s a total smart ass. The problems we face with him is that he refuses to eat almost everything we offer him (his sister however, eats everything just fine) and he’s a jerk to Lillie. I mean, not just a little bit thoughtless or selfish. He’s totally manipulative and mean to her. I haven’t figured out how to change his behavior on either count. So far I’ve reduced myself to providing children’s ensure type drinks, and making up for his cruelty to his sister by taking her out myself, or by shaming him for being so mean. Although he seems to feel regret about his behavior when pointed out to him (or even punished for it) it’s usually less than a day later and he’s right back at it. This will end up being a longer post at another time when I come up with a solid plan on how to deal with it.

Today  marks the first 24 hours since I gave up my traditional cigarettes and instead am using the electronic one. I even managed to switch over at the “medium” level of nicotine instead of the high one. I purchased a variable voltage battery to help and several flavors including Sweet Tarts and Mt. Dew flavors, but I’m certainly not well versed in all this yet. I feel like I desire something with a strong fulfilling flavor, but my husband seems to find both to be strong and satisfying… I don’t. Maybe it’s because I wear a dentures plate? I dunno. Again, as I learn more about it, this too will become its own post.

So anyways, generally, the idea that got me started up on blogging was that I had some goals I wanted to meet, and making myself accountable for them on here was how I planned on meeting them. I do have some other topics I’d like to touch on, and I’ll get there as we go, for now, I’m trying to focus on improving myself before I can improve those around me.

And just in case you were wondering what happened to Day 2 of the Zero to Hero Challenge, it can be found over in the side bar in the “About This Blog” widget. I didn’t feel that the addition of the widget required a full post. Thanks everyone! See you soon!


Same Ol’ Me

Here it is, the first task from the Zero to Hero Challenge:

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

  • Why are you blogging, rather than keeping a personal journal?
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?
  • If you blog successfully throughout 2014, what would you hope to have accomplished?

Who am I? The short version is I’m Andrea. I’m 29, a mom, a wife, sister, daughter, et al. The longer version can be found on my about page. I’ve been blogging off and on for years now, and I’ve introduced myself at some point or another on each one. I believe the about page will cover the introduction portion of who I am.

Why are you blogging rather than keeping a personal journal?

I’ve written journals before, and they’re great, when I’m writing a true capture of my day, or maybe when I’m not willing to share an event with the world, but 90% of the time, I find myself wishing for a little feedback on my thoughts. I often wonder if I am the rare example of an opinion. No, I don’t want to get into cyber debates over politics and religion really, but when I do have an idea, or a goal, I like to know what other people thing about it, thus blogging in a public forum. There is a second reason, too… even though I don’t know most of you who will read this, I am holding myself accountable. By sharing my goals and resolutions, I feel responsible to keep those promises, even to perfect strangers. Especially so if someone decides to take up the cause with me.

What topics do you think you’ll write about?

Right now I’m focusing heavily on my resolutions which include weight loss, blogging, quitting smoking, and surviving. However, I will also likely post things in relation to my kids, my job, my husband’s political outbursts, games, crafts, and whatever fancies me that day. My thoughts are fairly random and so too will be my blog over time. I tend to stick with themes for a while before I move on to something else.

Who would I love to connect with via my blog?

Everyone! My real life friends, internet friends, strangers… people who think like me, and people who don’t. Any and all kinds. The idea was to expand my horizons and viewpoints, and to do that, I’ll need to meet various kinds of people.

If you blog successfully throughout 2014, what would you hope to have accomplished?

Well, I hope to have met my goals, first and foremost. Lost some weight, quit smoking, keep the promise to myself to have kept writing… additionally, though, I hope I developed my opinions some, shared more happiness than sadness, worked towards new and higher goals, and most of all, kept my sanity and maybe even made some friends.

So there you have it, the what’s and why’s of this blog… I look forward to reading other entries from this challenge. Feel free to share them with me in the comments!

Much Love!


Promises, Promises

Hello, Internet.

So we meet again. This time, I’m back making promises to myself, and to the world in general. So is most everyone else… However, unlike everyone else I spent my day working, grocery shopping, re-inventing myself via blog, and deciding in what new creative ways can I torture myself for a few weeks? I say a few week because I have yet to survive a resolution for a whole year.

But I’m back, kicking up the blogging again, trying hard to hold myself accountable… (and well, maybe anything Garen can do, I can do better)… but it’s totally about holding myself accountable… That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Anyways…

So it’s that time of year where I am supposed to make a few resolutions and try hard to stick to them. I do realize that most resolutions fail, but even if I try for a few months, at least I succeeded that much… it’s more than I can say for myself most days. So here’s the short list:

  1. Survive all 365 days. I mean this literally. Keep breathing, heart beating… I’m not trying to be melodramatic here… as I said before, I haven’t achieved a New Year’s resolution yet… so let’s start off with an easy one. It is an easy one, right? Watch, now I’m gonna get hit by a bus or something. Death by hairbrush or something moronic.
  2. I will participate in the Zero to Hero:30 Days to a Better Blog challenge. It’s a short, reasonable goal, and I think I can keep it. Why this one? I dunno, it looked like a good jumping point for starting over on a blog.
  3. I will quit smoking. Ok, that’s only a half truth. I plan to give up traditional smoking. I did however, invest in an E-Cig that I hope will help me get in the right direction. I know that this goal is a tough one, and it’s not very often kept, but I’m gonna try anyways.
  4. I will lose weight. That’s right, here’s the torture part I spoke of earlier. Losing weight is not torture by itself… but trying to quit smoking AND lose weight at the same time??? That seems like failure waiting to happen right? Well, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I’m not going to set hard goals on this one as far as long-term numbers… no 100 lbs in a year kind of thing. Nope, I’m gonna aim for 20 lbs by April 1st. If I make it, great, if I don’t, I’ll reset that goal. I suppose I should have named this goal “Move More, Eat Less” but Lose weight seems more solid. I’ll see how it goes.

So there you have it, two typical goals, one blogger goal, and one that I had better keep if I know what’s good for me. How about you? Share your goals in the comments, maybe I’ll change mine around if yours is better.